How To Care Your Prickly Pear

Lots of people buy a pot of prickly pear on the work table in front of computers, using prickly pear to replace the computer to absorb the radiation. But do you know how to take care of it? Let me give you some useful advice.

1. Watering

It is difficult to provide precise rules about the watering of the prickly pear. During winter, keep it dry, especially if kept in an environment with a fairly low temperature. However, it must be watered during their active periods.

2. Light

The prickly pear need to grow in a warm climate at a minimum temperature of 61-65F. Natural light can be supplemented by an artificial light source such as fluorescent lighting.

3. Soil

As we all know that the prickly pear has adapted to survive in rocky, sandy, or clay-based soils, with limited nutrients. However, it is necessary to choose slightly acidic soil. When you water your plant, make sure that enough water should be given to soak all the soil in the pot.

4. Pot

Prickly pears do not require a great depth of soil. Make sure that all containers have drainage holes. Line the bottoms with material such as pottery shards or gravel before adding soil is a key point to make sure the plant to Firmly rooted in the soil. And you should check the soil regularly to make it dry.


Prickly pears are very tolerant of less-than-ideal circumstances, but better conditions derive better results. Many people like this prickly but lovely plant and learning more about planting.

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