Some Desk Plants To Brighten Up Your Office

Nowadays, life pace is fast and office life is dull. We’re always looking for ways to make work interesting, and fun, and will motivate us to work better. Incorporating desk plants into your workspace won’t just add a bit of color, but can lower stress levels and improve both your mental and physical well-being.

1. Cactus And Cacti

Cacti or cactus are one of the most common office desk plants because it’s easy-to-care, and they can be placed anywhere. It can thrive in any environment and sometimes can handle a bit of neglect, but it’s best to place it in a sunny spot.

2. Golden Devil’s Ivy

One of the most popular house and office plants, the golden devil’s ivy is small enough to fit on most desks. It can survive with indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. Some can grow much larger with care and repotting. Its colors may vary slightly throughout the season so that you can appreciate its greenery all the time.

3. African Violet

If you want to add some bright colors to your desk, you can buy a pot of African violet. It requires bright, indirect sunlight. Rotate the pot once a week, so all leaves receive light. Remember to water your African Violet when the soil is dry.

4. Peace Lily

The Peace lily plant allows you to add some growing flowers to your space that last longer than cut flowers, which is easy-growing and vigorous. They can also refresh the air in your office.

5. Air Plant

The air plant is perfectly happy in indirect light, and can also remove toxins from the air. They are easier to care for than succulents, as they just need indirect light to thrive. Remember to water them 1-2 times per week.


If you think that your desk is a little bit boring, try adding these office desk plants to liven up your mood. Even the smallest plant can improve both air quality and productivity.

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