Decoration Style Of Medieval Kitchen

When we think of the Medieval Ages, the picture of a filthy city full of disease and starvation often comes to our minds. Even though the Medieval Ages is a rotten history for Europe, the medieval decoration style is unique and glamorous. Take the kitchen as an example, let’s take a look at some medieval decoration-style kitchens.

1. The Baroque Style

A typical Baroque-style kitchen often pursues dynamic, splendid decoration with strong colors and oval-shaped space. In a Baroque kitchen, you can see exquisite carving techniques in furniture and ceiling. Since the baroque style emphasizes the lines and strong colors, even the kitchen sink and dining table are gilded. Cooking in a kitchen like this will make you feel like you are in a palace.

2. The Gothic Style

The Gothic style is mainly found in the Catholic Church, it is synonymous with dark and magnificent. A Gothic-style kitchen often uses dark colors to highlight its solemnity of it. In a Gothic-style kitchen, the windows are thin and tall, because the Gothic style prefers vertical lines. The sophisticated lines and unique layout of it create a sense of mystery.

3. The Rococo Style

Originating in France, the Rococo style reflects the life of the nobility. The style of Rococo is light and exquisite. In a Rococo-style kitchen, the furniture is often in bright color and decorated with shells. The delightful color and elaborate decoration in the Rococo-style kitchen will make you feel like cooking in a sweet dream.

This exquisite furniture and decorations in medieval decoration style are more than just objects, they represent your taste and lifestyle. Which style are you prefer? The ornate style of Baroque or stately style of Gothic or any other medieval decoration style? Come and pick one!

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