Round Dining Table Or Square Dining Table?

Since ancient times in China, there has been a saying that “the heaven is round and the earth is round”. The round table is shaped like the full moon, which can gather people, increase the atmosphere of harmony and happiness among families, and facilitate the convergence of wealth and wealth.

1. Advantage

(1)Circle means completeness and reunion. The round table symbolizes family reunion and intimacy.

(2)round table without edges and corners, don’t worry about hurting others.

(3)round table seats close, very warm, no sense of alienation.

2. Disadvantage

The round dining table has a large area and takes up more space. Especially if the number of people in the family is small, the round table can not play its role of gathering popularity, so the advantages become disadvantages.

Square Dining Table

The square table has the auspicious meaning of stability and wealth, so Chinese people also like to use the square table.

1. Advantage

(1)It can be placed against the wall, not causing space waste.

(2) Clear priorities, suitable for formal occasions.

2. Disadvantage

(1)It has edges and corners, easy to accidentally hurt.

(2)limited by the shape, the number of people will not be able to sit.

It can be seen that whether the round table or the square table, each has its unique role. So how can we choose the right table for our home?

Choose according to family members

If the family members are large, especially more than 5 people, or often have friends to visit the home, it is recommended to use a round dining table. Instead, use a square dining table.

Choose according to House Type

If the residential area is relatively large, and the dining room is very spacious, then you can choose a round table. But if the home space is small, choose a square dining table.

Round or Square? It’s up to you.

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