An Introduction To The Types Of Indoor Pots For Novice Flower Growers

Flowers dress up our life and bring different colors to our monotonous world. More and more people grow flowers, how to choose a suitable indoor flower pot? An introduction to the types of indoor pots for novice flower growers.

1. Plastic Flower Pot

The disadvantage of plastic flower pots is not breathable but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For example, there are more drainage holes, some plastic flowerpots are also designed into drainage networks, and there are root control flowerpots with side openings. Many pots also have a high design on the bottom, which greatly compensates for the breathable of the material. In addition, the plastic basin is relatively lightweight and relatively cheap.

2. Red Clay Pots

Red clay pots are called “breathing pots” because of their breathable material. It is suitable for most plants and can set off the beauty of plants

The disadvantage of a red pottery basin is easy to break, and relatively heavy. Some moisture-loving plants also need to be watered multiple times because of their good air permeability. Red clay pots are easier to salinization but some people like the old look.

3. Ceramic Flower Pot

The disadvantage is that the material is too airtight. Ceramic flower pots are especially less breathable, but Ceramic flower pots have a lot of high appearances. If you are going to grow plants, you must have holes in the bottom.

4. Cement Flower Pot

The cement pot is more permeable than the ceramic pot. It has the disadvantage of being large and heavy, but it is very modern and geometric.

5. Metal Flower Pot

Metal flowerpots are not breathable, are temperature proof, and have fast heat conduction. But when placed inside, it can create an industrial air and bring a little bit of a different style to the interior.


In general, it is best to follow the arrangement principle of plants with pots

“Big seedling big pot, small seedling small po”。

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