The Category Introduction Of The Sofa On The Market

The sofa is a loanword transliterated from the English word sofa. An upholstered multi-seat chair. A backrest chair with spring or thick foam and armrests on both sides is a type of software furniture.

1. Variety

Classification By Function

Low back sofa: belongs to the best type of light chair. It to a support point to support the user’s waist (lumbar) This sofa backrest height is low, the general distance from the seat surface is about 370 mm, and the backrest Angle is smaller, not only conducive to rest but also makes the whole sofa periphery size shrink accordingly.

High back sofa: also known as aviation seats. It is characterized by three fulcrum points, so that the person’s waist, shoulders, and the back of the head are at the same time against the curved back. The high-backed sofa evolved from the recliner.

Ordinary sofa: is a common family sofa. Most of the sofas on the market are of this type. It has two supports for the user’s lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, giving the effect of matching the curved surface of the back of the body. The Angle of the backrest is also small, which is not only conducive to rest but also reduces the size of the entire periphery of the sofa.

Classification By Material

Leather sofas use animal skin, such as pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin, and other animal skin, through a specific process the leather is made of the seat, because of the made of leather, is breathable, the most important is softness is very good, and other functions, so use it to make seats, people sit up very comfortable, and dirty resistance.

Cloth sofa mainly refers to the main material cloth sofa, through artistic processing, to achieve a certain artistic effect, to meet the needs of people’s life. This kind of sofa has good air permeability, anti – sensitive, easy to clean.

Comfortable sofa, comfortable life.

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