Precautions For Bed Placement In Chinese Families

Chinese families have many ways to decorate their houses and arrange furniture. They believe that incorrect furniture arrangements will bring bad luck to the family. How should the bed be arranged?

1. Don’t Toward The Toilet.

The toilet collects moisture and smells, and when the toilet is flushed, it produces tiny particles of dirt that are widely dispersed in the air. If the bedroom door or bed is facing the toilet door, it can affect money and health, causing bone and muscle diseases.

2. Don’t Toward The Door.

Because we spend a third of our day in bed in deep sleep, doors and Windows are the entrances and exits of indoor air convection. When we are asleep, the wind blows directly into the body, and if it blows for a long time, it will cause lesions in the corresponding areas.

3. Avoid The Beam.

The beam is the main structure of the building, which has a significant aura and psychological implications. The beam will induce magnetic induction. People who sleep under the beam for a long time will be directly affected by the negative, which will lead to mental weakness.

4. Stay Away From The Stairwell.

Both sound and dust from going upstairs can affect your health.

5. Avoid Mirrors

As a general rule of thumb, no mirrors should be in your line of sight as soon as you wake up, and no mirrors should be out of your line of sight. In addition, if there are wardrobes in the room, it is also no problem to set the wardrobes in the position of the inner door.

6. Don’t In Front Of The Air Conditioning

Don’t be in front of the air conditioning, because for a long time a part of your body directly blowing, will affect the health of the body. It is best to reserve an angle away from the direct blowing path.

The bed will give you the warmest hug, please treat it well.

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