Some Matching Tips About Color In Pink Bedroom

We can’t be Sweet Princess, but can have a sweet home! Pink, has become a very popular accent color, pink bedroom, with the right color, not only beautiful but also takes it up a level.


Tantalizing light ripe wind! The combination of advanced grey and pink can meet all our expectations. We want a home of elegant light luxury without losing spiritual interest. The colors of Mingyue are highlighted and bring a smart and elegant.

2. Pink + Brown

Advanced and vintage, pink lively and playful, brown noble gentleman, Seems incongruous but can complement each other, foil each other, bring silk retro tone, charming and smart.

3. Pink + Haze Blue

Both are fresh colors, and the same elegance, and the atmosphere, permeated with unique modern aesthetics, just injects a gentle and intellectual space.

4.Pink+Brick Red

The collocation between the same color system is not easy to step on thunder, pink, and brick red collocation is like a bowl of red bean paste, sweet, melt in the mouth, sweet in the heart. As a girl’s residence, the color scheme is irresistible.


White is not the exclusive color of the wall, in the wall brush on the tender pink, which can make the space immediately become youngest. When you go inside the bedroom, the mood can be immediately better! The low saturation blue here provides an instant burst of color without being fatigued.

6. Nude Pink And Tan

Low saturation ultra-low pink as the background color, nude pink background wall with simple decorative paintings, casual and fashionable. Tan furniture in the whole low saturation color space is more prominent, seemingly casual collocation but gives a person a clear feeling.


The pink bedroom can bring a warm feeling, color collocation should be carefully chosen, too much pink will make the bedroom look very strange, reasonable collocation is the best.

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